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original:"Four Days with the iPad" by Howard Ratner

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original:"The Creative Deadline ― A Video of Post-it Notes" by Kent Anderson

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original:"The Ethics of Versions: Why Buying One Experience Doesn’t Permit You All Experiences" by Kent Anderson

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日本語訳がぎこちないですが、つまり、初版を買ったお客さんが改訂版を読めないなんておかしいんじゃない? という話です、たぶん。

Clay Shirkyによる複雑さの終焉:品質の終焉を意味するのか?(4月7日)

original:"Clay Shirky’s Collapse of Complexity ― Does It Also Require a Collapse of Quality?" by David Crotty

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And that quality does not come cheaply, and yes, creating it often requires a certain level of complex infrastructures. Expertise is something to be praised and sought after, not something to be disdained, and that’s the problem with so much of the philosophy coming our way from online ideologues who favor inexpensive quantity over quality, who promote the idea that brute force free labor approaches can somehow add up to equal genius. Joe Clark sums things up perfectly:



original:"Counterpoint: The Power of Simplification ― Why the Digital Age Means the End of Top-Heavy Bureaucracies" by Kent Anderson

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Wikipedia + POD =洪水状態のAmazon: アルファ・ベータバージョン出版とエンドレス状態の蛇口(4月6日)

original:"Wikipedia + POD = A Flooded Amazon: The Endless Spigot at Alpha- and Betascript Publishing" by Kent Anderson

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POD(Print on demand出版)で、ドイツの出版社がまたもやwikipediaを使った本を出すらしい。「確かにPODは在庫を抱えずに出版する良い方法。だからって濫用しちゃあかんでしょ」という要旨。PODはへたすると、商業誌と同人誌が同じになっちゃうのではと私も思います。

Scholarly iPad - ファーストインプレッション、出版社にとってのRelevance(4月5日)

original:"The Scholarly iPad ― First Impressions, Relevance for Publishers" by Kent Anderson

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iPad, Kindleのときよりも熱狂的な人が多いような気がします。

科学における、ソーシャルメディアの使い方 (4月5日)


"Rules of Thumb for Social Media in Science" by David Crotty

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印刷は生きている! iPad誕生への祝福ビデオ(4月2日)

original:"Printing’s Alive! A Celebratory Video on the Eve of the iPad" by Kent Anderson

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Yes, printing’s alive. It’s just making less and losing stature.


Elsevierが"Big Deal" 焼きたて販売サービスを開始 他社もScramble (4月1日・エイプリルフールネタ)

original:"Elsevier Launches “Big Deal” Bake Sale Service, Other Commercial Publishers Scramble" by Kent Anderson

Scholarly Kitchenがついに電子タブレットを発売! (4月1日・エイプリルフールネタ)

original:"Scholarly Kitchen to Launch New Electronic Tablet: The briSKet" by Michael Clarke


original:"Finally! An Open Access Publishing App for the iPhone" by Philip Davis