Amazon 創業記 / Jeff Bezos半生記

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One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of
One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon.comRichard L. Brandt

Portfolio Hardcover 2011-10-27
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by G-Tools

  1. One Click is not Enough
    • 1-Click patent (granted in September 1999), 1-Nod patent (filed in June 2008), Gift convert wizard patent (word leaked about it in December 2010)
  2. Portrait of the Entrepreneur as a Young Man
    • Self-reliance
    • "If something is broken, let's fix it."
  3. Jeff Gets a Job
    • deal flow chart
    • "Life is too short to hang out with people who aren't resourceful."
  4. Jeff Discovers the Internet
    • where people gathered, there was an opportunity to sell them something.
    • regret minimization framework
  5. Three Nerds and an Accountant
    • "The process begins by tapping your business connections."
  6. How to Build a Better Bookstore
    • "Not only able to make the site trustworthy and easy to use, they made it more useful than shopping off-line."
  7. Growing Pains
    • July 1995: Launched.
    • (describing Bezos & Amazon culture) willingness to jump on new ideas that come from any source.
  8. Money to Burn Through
    • Bold negotiations with investors
  9. Growing Up
    • Timeline of expansion of Amazon, 1997-1999
    • "Every time we hired someone, he/she would raise the bar for the next hire, so that the overall talent pool is always improving."
  10. Who You Calling a Bookstore?
    • Outinnovate the competition and give customers that whey want.
  11. The Crash
    • the dot-com crash(2000) -> needed to make profits
    • It took almost 2 years to get the stock price rise.
  12. Bezos Bets Big on the Kindle
    • Time line of the eBook battle in the US
    • In the 1990s, companies started offering e-book devices in earnest. By 2006, people were beginning to question whether the public even wanted digital books. In early 2007, the rumors began to circulate about Amazon's coming e-book reader. On November 19, 2007, Bezos announced the Kindle with the price $399.
    • Battle against publishers over pricing. e.g. Macmillan
    • "Publishers, once resistant to Google's book-digitizing project, are now embracing Google's efforts, since Google has agreed to the agency model."
  13. Is Amazon Killing the Bookstore?
    • Battle with bookstores and with publishers.
    • It seems Amazon's tactic started in 2008; Amazon disabled "Buy" icon from its British website for books published by Bloomsburry, and later for books from the British unit of Hachette Livre.
    • "Also in 2008, Amazon hit the fastest growing category of new books, POD, with new restrictions. The self-published authors can sell their books through Amazon, but must print their books through the Amazon subsidiary CreateSpace or those books would lose their "Buy" icons."
    • The author of this book present a fair opinion in this section; Amazon didn't Kill all the bookstores, but made their business far difficult without doubt.
  14. A Cool Guy with a Funny Laugh
    • "The thing about inventing is you have to be both stubborn and flexible, more or less simultaneously. Of course, the hard part is figuring out when to be which!" by Jeff Bezos
  15. Bu What Kind of Manager Is He?
    • "He worked at things over and over again until he got it right"
  16. Head in the Clouds
    • the way of developing Clouds business, Amazon Web Services. "Web 1.0 was making the Internet for people; Web 2.0 is making the Internet better for computers"
    • ""Whenever something big is done inefficiently that creates an opportunity."
    • Acquired Zappos in 2005.
    • "Did you know that people are very bad at predicting what will make them happy?"
  17. Step by Step, Courageously
  • Bezos started a new company called Blue Origin in 2000. It's a space-research company.
    • "It's always day One."